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Jess Male 38 Gay Sex with no commitment
Can host Mon to Sunday 4am-6. Sometimes can host later or travel. Work in St Catharines, and sometimes in Welland. Some weekends Guys with Moustaches and beards drive me crazy. Open to most things and experimenting, taboo chat is fun too. farm friendly I'm into a lot of different things culturally and otherwise and very easy going; antiques, history, travel, and architecture. Always looking to explore. Finished my Masters of fine arts at the Uni of East London a few things ago Since dieting/exercising from last July 2011 I have lost 90kgs (200bs). Im into cycling, jogging, running, and weight lifting. I go to LA Fitness here in the falls, if you see me dont be afraid to say hi. Thanks for reading- Jess
Niagara Falls Ontario

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