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Jim30066 Male 71 Gay Dating
Hi Guys, I live in Marietta a northern suburb of Atlanta and would like to meet a new friend for dinner, movies, dating....I am not perfect and I have hooked up but Its not what I really want, Just a nice average working guy here, very romantic, caring guy..Like everything from reading a good book to riding roller coasters ( yes I love them ) Would prefer to meet someone local, If you are looking for someone who drives a Mercedes or talks about their world travel then I am not your guy but if you are looking for someone that drives a gorgeous Hyundai Sonata ( LOL ) and loves to talk about trips to Savannah or other Exotic places ( LOL ), ever been to lunch at the Blue Willow Inn?? ( Love day trips ) then I just might be worth meeting..Not a gym guy and yep I do have a few extra pounds but not an issue with me..Say hi if any interest
Marietta Georgia

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