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John-Dad4Son Male 51 Gay Relationship
Looking for a younger boy for a relationship, someone willing to relocate to me, as I am pretty established where I am. I like young, small, thin, skinny, lean body types. I am a home owner and small business owner, I work from home all the time, I love to travel, I'm a handy, rugged, outdoorsy type of guy, I am seeking a partner, not a sugar boy. I'm highly intelligent with a keen sense of intuition and 'street Smarts' and if you're a fake or just looking to scam someone, you're definitely wasting your time with me, I'll catch ya quickly. Most fakes and scammers will not get on video chat, they will make excuses, and quite frankly a real person would not have an issue getting on video chat, this is an age of technology where it's super easy to access a video chat app or even directly through the phone or computer, so, if you're not willing to verify who you are through video chat, than I'm not going to be interested in ya. Real people who aren't scammers will happily go into video chat, 'i'm shy' isn't a valid excuse either.
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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