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Jon1958 Male 63 Gay Relationship
I'm a common guy (not rich), a loner pretty much, who is easygoing, thoughtful, and a good listener. My outlook is to live simply, shun materialism, and appreciate the little things in life...such as a brisk Fall walk, good conversation with a friend over coffee, riding my bike, decorating for Halloween and Christmas, and listening to music. The younger man I'd be interested in, for friendship or more, is age approx 20-40 with strong values and a really good heart. Mannerisms can be more or less masculine. Included are thinkers, talkers, nerds, those with tattoos, and even men with disabilities such as ocd, anxiety or something else. For what it's worth, you p*nis size does NOT matter!! As for myself, Clean vitals: 5feet-10inches, 175 pounds, 35 inch waist, graying hair and balding average p*nis. If you're genuine I'd like to hear from you. Have a good one.
Hazleton Pennsylvania

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