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Stubborn, sweet, hard, confused and caring. Ready to grow.
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Jordan Male 36 Gay Bear Dad
At 32 I had hoped that I would have some things figured out, and I do. But there is so much more to learn and so much more to experience. I had to ask for my first kiss, from a daddy, I was 23...why didn't he just offer. I was sucking my friend down the street by 14, I could explore his body and he even encouraged me to look for women and experience more, almost like a dad in training, but he never returned the favor. That was a 4 year long, confusing time. I came out at 24, having realized it was me keeping me from being happy. Funny how coming out only solves one problem, eh? :) But I digress. I have so much to learn, so many insecurities to leave behind and so much growth and potential to look forward to it's almost paralyzing. I am educated, mostly intelligent, caring, a Renaissance man I have been told. My degree is in Music, I work for a non-profit and I have many other interests and talents to share. Let's chat.
Sherman Texas

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