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Seeking a Son to love, nurture and have fun with
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Justme1926 Male 56 Gay Relationship
I'm a Dad looking for a Son. I have a professional degree. I'm a photographer too and take artistic male nude type pictures. I like to do many things; I fly a plane, scuba dive, cook, love 80's music, love sex, prefer younger guys, love to cuddle, I'm NOT a psycho nor weirdo, love to travel, love bathing with a son, love to entertain friends, did I say I love sex? I want someone to enjoy life with, someone that's NOT into partying all the time, open to try new things and someone who knows who they have a home and a Dad to be with. I'm versatile and want the same as you miss half the fun if you're not. I like a little kink, but nothing that includes shit or blood. Let me know if you can live a life with a Dad. Make me proud of you. :-)
Malvern Arkansas

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