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Hey Guys seeking LTR sub-bttm guy here vey passive fun loving goofy crazy and and all around guy to enjoy being around and shoot the shit with as well as talk shit but no BS guy here not into the mind games either and I don't care about the size of your dick although well endowed is nice if you are seeking a monogamous relationship talk to me The ARMY IS SEEKING A FEW GOOD MEN but I AM SEEKING MY ARMY OF 1 are you him are you a man who can fight for your partner are you secure and stable and seeking a partner who can love only you??? What are you looking for I want my Bear or just a Guy I am currently enrolled in College 2011 I just turned 36 2011 Please just be yourself is all I ask and that you be someone who can laugh and have a good time with. I have a sense of humor at times that will knock you off your feet my best friend is straight and he almost dies laughing at me simply cause people can't quit fucking with me but I am a lot of fun and a sexual sense of humor I love sex even if I can get it 24/7 or be a partner to someone 24/7 in their home their hardworking truck loads they have to pull let me be there let me help you relax just love on me and we will get along just fine TURN-OFFS: Lingerie wearing, Pot Smokers or the Bong any form of Smoking Unless it is prescribed I am not into any kind of drug or aphrodesiac I am a social Drinker and a light weight as well at that....I am acceptable to 3 way relationships as well as group sex and friends and friends with benefits if you know where I am coming from then talk to me get to know me e-mail and let me know what you want from a guy like me have lost too many frineds and loved ones to let anything stop me from going Forward let me hear from you!!! God Bless!!!Michael IF YOU ARE JUST HERE FOR MY COCK MOVE ON TO THE NEXT PROFILE!!!!
Hutchinson Kansas

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