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I love painting, drawing, movies, gaming,
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Kevinowo Male 25 Gay Muscle Dad
I love painting, drawing, movies, gaming, plays, social gatherings and usually life filled music. A bit of a nerd. Back at the gym trying to get to a muscle cub status. I also love rugged to well civilized surroundings. I'm looking for a lasting friendship with the right dad/mentor, but still interested in meeting up in the meantime. What I hope comes from this site is, well friends are always nice, if things go past that then great :). I'm attracted to guys usually 28 I love body, facial and arn hair. A well taken care of beard goes long way. Physically attracted to Bears, Muscle Bears, Cubs, Muscle Cubs and Daddies. Mentally its usually someone smart, kind and caring with a bit of a kick to them.
Houston Texas

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