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LBFrank Male 72 Gay Relationship
I'm Caucasian, 5'4', 168 lbs. (I have a small gut and flabby), blue eyes, light brown hair, moustache and light beard, wear glasses. I'm looking for a younger GHM, GBM or GAM who wants to have a long term relationship with an older guy. I’m very stable -- not rich but financially comfortable. I’m HIV but very healthy (1,700 tcell count and undetectable for last 8 years), consultant, own my own condo in Long Beach, CA, enjoy surfing the net, reading, the beach life, enjoy occasional weekend getaways, movies, love to eat (Japanese and Italian my favorites), and being with the right guy. I prefer someone younger than me. I’m versatile top and love hitting all your hot spots and want my partner to be versatile bottom who loves to suck cock and fuck all day and all night. Making each other feel great is what binds the relationship. I love to kiss, touch, give massages and make endless love. After that, let’s take a shower and start to make love all over again! Making love in the morning, afternoon and night and every day; not just Saturday night! I'm open and honest (some people say to a fault). I am a light smoker (less than a pack a day) and I drink an occasional beer but only if I'm at a dancebar. When I'm at home, give me a good cup of coffee anyday! My partner doesn't have to own a mansion on the hill, drive a Bentley or make a million dollars a year. I'm not into those things. I want a man who loves his partner and wants to share life (not material things) with him. Someone who is monogamous, honest and caring and can carry on a conversation. I don’t remember the latest hit record and this shouldn't be my partner’s only interest. Tell me about the last novel you read or about the painting you saw or if politics gets you excited. Going out doesn't mean going to the bar nor just to the ballet or theatre; I know how to just walk along the ocean, have a nice dinner or visit with friends. Let's put balance into our lives and not be afraid to smell the roses along the way.
Long Beach California

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