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Either role in dungeon (inexperienced)
username sex age sexual seeking
LJefe Male 56 Gay Muscle Dad
I have Tarzan, Superhero fetishes with me being the bad guy or the sidekick. I prefer 55-70 white men but make exceptions. I also love any kind of wrestling/squash jobs. Nice pecs a plus. Be stocky if you're under 45. I'm more oral than anal, gutpunching, video taping, dungeons, wrestling, underwear fetish, bondage, tickling, cuddling, nip play, are some of my wilder interests. Bicycling, Football, Basketball, Cars, are my more general ones. I like no pressure meetings at a Starbucks or an Eagle near you before any play. I need to get in better shape, if anybody wants to bicycle together or work out together. I'll also agree to forced workouts.
District of Columbia District of Columbia

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