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Little_RJ77 Male 22 Gay Sex with no commitment
I'm Ryan, I'm a college student, a swimmer and life guard. Live and go to college in Naperville. I'm a sub/bottom into a lot of things which include: Erotic humiliation*, Verbal domination***, facesitting***, trampling*, breathcontrol/breathplay***, erotic wrestling/boxing*, edging/teasing, cum control/denial, sucking/rimming** Kinks: man musk/sweat**, face farts**, water sports, wedgies***, hypnosis*, bondage** (prefer rope), Impact play/spanking scenes: dad/son*, bully/nerd***, coach/jock, Sir/boy*, authority/troublemaker, cuckolding (ideally bottoming for the bull) Sometimes sadistic/masochist Always open to exploring other kinks and different experiences will try anything once. The more stars around it the more i love it *****The hottest thing a Dom/top/master can do to me is anything that has his ass in my face. if you want to make me squirm put your ass in my face and don't allow me to stroke myself***** I’m DDF and like to stay that way meaning safe sex. turnoffs: scat baby stuff cross dressing anything super harmful, but do have a masochistic side. Don't care for age, but for LTR 20-35. Will travel a drivable distance even if it’s outside state. I cruise you, i like you and or your profile. Either cruise me back or message me and I’ll know if you’re interested. I message you i really like you. can send more revealing photos on request, but i do skin for skin so what you want to see you have to show. Also have a kik and skype if you want to chat there. Please tell me name and username and what site you are from also will give out email if preferred. Number or Snapchat only if you have no other way of contacting or we've been talking awhile and I feel comfortable giving you one of them. == Results from == 99% Degradee 94% Submissive 75% Masochist 68% Experimentalist 64% Primal (Prey) 63% Rope bunny 63% Voyeur 58% Slave 55% Non-monogamist 51% Brat 51% Exhibitionist 47% Pet 46% Ageplayer
Naperville Illinois

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