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are u moustached or beard ? are
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MRCORY Male 30 Gay Silver Daddy
are u moustached or beard ? are ur w8 something between 85-120 kg, 187-264 p ?( That's for average length of course 175 cm - 5'9' ft , which means if u are over 175 u have to increase the w8 range , if u are less than 175 , u can decrease the w8 range , [ I prefer short guys ] ) is ur age between 50-75 ? u don't shave pubic hair ? ( trimming is ok ) are u a bottom or oral or both ? if ur answers are not yes to all the questions above , save urself the trouble of talking about sex with me , u don't turn me on . just to give u an idea , I'm mild hairy down my legs with beard
Zagazig Egypt

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