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Master/Trainer seeks TPE boys/bois/serfs/beasts
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Master_D_Ego Male 56 Bisexual Relationship
About me: Looking for those interested in a place where they could be used for bondage, pain or more (safely) but never knowing Whom will be served when? Plan to use any other labor skills when not in any other direct service--I believe a serf should be worked hard or be worked over a majority of the time. . . I may not want for Personal use--but would own it and train it. If choosing to send a message stating interest include any work related skills and kink specialties as well--other contact information would also be appreciated. I will inform it as the deal progresses. Main types needed -> HIV-: boy-next-door, sportsmen, muscleboys, fit slim boys. In centuries past, a slave or serf, set out on a journey to the Superior's home without knowledge or previous contact except a letter of invitation. No drawing/painting/photo, discourses of reassurance & no way out. Upon arrival, it asked only how to serve the Superior's needs & only with respect & permission. With or without cause, Superiors could dismiss, send to the gallows or give/sell them to Another as was the Superior's right. Superiors controlled all aspects of life under Their care, from what the serf wore, ate, where to sleep, eat, dress, bathe, to when & how hard the serf worked, to telling the serf how to think, feel & worship & then using serf however a Superior desired. Although arrogant, self-confident & self-righteous, Personally believe a serf should worship freely as long as it doesn't interfere with its service. Call Me old-fashioned as Superior-I am above all that I seek: My looks, My age & My body are totally irrelevant. It is not how attractive, how muscular, or tall I am, nor how long or thick a penis I have that determine how good of a Master I am. As an extreme example, I could be three foot-four, weigh over four hundred pounds, have a tiny penis & be the ugliest Man on Earth & it would not matter. I have total control of My mind and emotions & intensely aware of how to use them to control others so I can shape them to My will. If I was the most handsome & extremely muscular it is still irrelevant as control from sheer physicality does not train as needed. Well educated, shoulder length-haired, creatively dominant Leather/Denim Master in search of younger serfs willing to give gift of complete & total control over every aspect of life! On the flip side, property is cared for when unwell-destroyed property. If Master grants serf position, it may never need to bathe self again as Master or serf brother will do it to prepare for service! Collaring ritual daily. Master is HIV- & does no drugs (except alcohol/caffiene) & expects same of all. The Master carries no responsibility for what occurs in the relationship arranged for you. Those interested in the position of resort serf must fulfill these basic conditions: *Experience in the area of BDSM *Perfect health *Knowledge of English or other world language *Agreement with publicizing their presentation including photographs in the catalog of serfs on the *Agree to serve any Dominant who orders him without regard to age and appearance *Each registered slave must be legal adult according to the laws of his country - preferably U.S. citizen *All information stated in the registration form must be truthful *Pictures attached to the profile are displaying the registered slave *Attached pictures do not offend the copyrights of other persons *On the attached pictures cannot be displayed or propagated pedophilia or sex with animals If interested send Me a memo with the following information: The Dominant may use me for the following purposes: - Date of birth: Current age: Height: Weight: Color of skin: Color of hair: Color of eyes: Given first name and last initial: Preferred name: Length of erect penis: Damage to skin (tattoos, marks, piercing, scars): - May not be used for these purposes (hard limit): - My special knowledge or skills that could benefit a Dominant: - It's possible to order me for rent with the exception of the following terms: - Besides at Master's residence, I am capable of serving in the following places: - Health problems and limitations: - My experience so far as in service: - References I have may be gained at the email: - Photos: This is a live-in 24/7 long-term arrangement and must be willing to relocate. What serf is like now doesn't matter-it will change to meet My needs! I mold a serf into what is truly desired: one whose sole wish is to serve totally and become a perfect fit to the My ever changing needs. If not already, serf will be multi-purpose. . . willing to follow ALL directives & desires for any of areas of interest or others deemed necessary (regardless of own) minimally: Master and slave, TPE/APE/IE, Anal/Oral sex, Nipple stimulation, Threesomes (or more), Behavior Mod, Tickling, Leather/Rubber/Silk/Metal Bondage, Uniforms, Tattoos/Branding, Caging, Suspension, Shackles and Chains, Collars, Blindfolds, Hard Labor, Hoods, Spanking, Flogging, Domestic service, Water Sports, Objectification, Pit fighting/Spartan training, Roleplaying, and Exploring new territory. Experienced in medical fetishes, ws, and electrical play & will re-explore them.
Forest Hills Pennsylvania
Pahrump Nevada

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