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Love is the most wonderful thing when you love and are loved in return
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Maurice_Toronto Male 73 Gay Relationship
I look like in my mid-fifties although born in 1947, single, professional, but not rich, loving movies, live theater, ballet, dancing at Play on Church, and the Latino/Italian/Caucasian/Middle Eastern slim men, 20-35, long black gelled hair turns me on very quickly as well as kissing, tenderness and romantic love; I also like socializing with friends. Don't be shy, e-mail me. I always answer all letters of good taste. More about me? While Romance is the key-word, many other aspects of my date with you are of importance too. I would love to take you through the dazzling labyrinths of the many quint caf├ęs and restaurants you might not have yet heard of. Chatting with you cannot be more refreshing as our College or University minds keep us in a mutual romantic intellectual pleasure. After a show at a theater, we might go for a dessert, or dancing at Play on Church. Waking up in the morning, in your arms, with a lovely music of a symphony of birds and streams of waters from a CD, would be a delight, in addition to your kisses and fondling. Both healthy, HIV negative, and drugs-free, we might enjoy a week vacation in a gay resort, or with Club Med or Atlantis, somewhere in the sun, your black gelled hair, which I like long as much as possible, with no gray, shining in the sun, my clean shaven cheek against yours. I shall play the guitar on the beach, and sing romantic songs to you (mostly in French), facing the sea and the sand under the sun. Hopefully my dreaming of you will soon come true when you will get in touch with me. (Sorry if I do not appreciate pets) Hope to hear from you.
Toronto Ontario

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