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I've been bad, ready to be hand spanked till I'm real red!!!
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MickJay Male 60 Bisexual Play partner - top
Attention : Looking for real men, real tops who show or answer their door. Would like those who would love to hand spank my ass red, then lick it and fuck it. When you lick my Ass and you taste peppermint, that is my guarantee that I'm clean. Don't forget to scatch the back of my balls ya. Poppers, lube, camcorder will travel. I make amateur videos, just your cock and my mouth or ass and your hand and my Ass, you get the picture. I can insert my balls or cock up my Ass. I studied falatio and like to suck to completion(shoot it in my mouth). I will make your time with me very memorable. I'm really NOT into pee, extreme pain, prerequesites, queens (fems) and godboys / godgirls. Waist 28 inch athletic build. Looking foward to hearing from you.

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