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Mister_Stormen_Hard Male 66 Gay Smooth Boy
Looking to connect with a masculine, smooth, lean, creative and nasty bottom boy with little or no body hair, shaved or closely trimmed is cool. Short dudes, long hairs, tats, piercing are a plus but not a requirement. Bi, Gay, DL, Queer or curious are all good. I welcome enthusiastic beginners with good attitudes. I am an experienced masculine, dominant top into all kinds of scenes from mild to very wild, Dad/son, Dom/sub, master/slave, et. al. I do think the pup scene is rather silly. I'm 5'8', 155#, very clean, smooth, in good shape with a few tats. I'm genetically immune to HIV/smallpox* and have no STD's. I always play safe and respect limits. I don't smoke or do heavy drugs. I'm beer, bourbon, poppers , cannabis AND sobriety friendly. If you have an open mind and wish to experiment or explore your fantasies with an older masculine Man, in a clean and safe environment message me with a full description of your interests/fantasies. If you have any questions or want more info just ask. I am not a 'sugar daddy' and am not into 'drama queens' or anyone under 18. I live in Pueblo, CO, USA.. * You can look up how genetic immunity to small pox relates to HIV immunity.
Pueblo Colorado

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