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MrGoodMan Male 80 Gay Relationship
Younger guys is where I'm at. Mature younger guys, if that makes sense, ones who strive to be a better person each day. I'm a normal masculine guy who seeks similar traits in a partner to grow and go together. Work has allowed me to travel and live in many places and to enjoy learning from other people and cultures. I've an artistic side and have been known to sing and attempt some instrumental music. Writing is a current passion where I use a dictionary that does not have the word 'retirement' in it. If there's a downside to writing it's that I don't get out to hike and bike like I should, although my faithful dog insists on play breaks and daily romps on soccer fields or dry bed washes. I've known love and wish to know it again, but only if the 'chemistry' is right. My life is full, content, and fun. Not crazy fun but the kind of good times with friends, or a favorite movie (Matrix comes to mind), or just some quiet time absorbing Nature or reading a magazine or book. You may have picked up that I'm not the extrovert at a party but I'm not shy about having a good time either. And with my man I love to kiss, cuddle, give a good massage and on to the rest of the menu. Sex is definitely important, but honesty, respect and love must flourish or nothing else will matter. I'm HIVneg, don't drink drug or smoke. Eat healthy... okay, so ice cream is an important layer of the food pyramid, right? All up, I try to take care of myself physically, mentally and spiritually. The result is a contented life. A life I'd love to share with the right guy. Say 'hi', I'd love to hear from you.
Tucson Arizona

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