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Bisexual-Amorous LTR-Oriented Male
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Mrreal4two Male 59 Bisexual Relationship
THE PHYSICAL ME: I am a tall, dark, and handsome? (you decide) 6'4', medium to light complexion (some have said Dominican-looking) Black Man. I have slightly angled facial features with a broad smile. I have slight dimples, with a small mustache/light goatee. I have short textured black hair and brown eyes (sometimes hazel contacts). My build is between a swimmers and basketball player. My limbs are long and my trunk is medium. I have a 44' chest (goal of expanding via weight training) and 42'waist (goal of reducing via training)--proportionate. I have a smooth to light body hair. THE PRIMAL ME: I am bisexual who is masculine oriented. I am masculine-sensual. I am creative in love relations and usually like loving-controlling roles. 7&1/4 cut [some f/s play], Top natured [versitile in loving LTR if desired] like being sucked/licked all over [can service my buddy too w/ condom and w/o in loving LTR] I will write MUCH more in our e-mail exchange. THE INTELLECTUAL ME: I believe in the broadening of my mind through continuing education (both formal degrees, training and thru Life experiences). I like reading interesting text. I like reason and those who hold themselves accountable to it. THE EMOTIONAL ME: I am sensitive to others and admire those who are sensitive to me. I like compassion motivation. I am mostly a smiling happy person (especially when in a relationship) but can sometimes be melancholy and sad. I can cry at sad movies and songs. Still, I can be emotionally forceful and assertive (even aggressive). I am sensitive to the spoken word so prefer people who are verbally sensitive and tactful. I am affectionate but can also be detached at times. THE SPIRITUAL ME: I Love the Creator. I am Christian-Spiritual in that I believe in communing with (and reconciliation to) GOD through faith in Yeshuah (Jesus), HIS teachings, HIS sacrifice, and HIS Revelations (via experiences, continual biblical and religious study, personal meditation) and the resulting Spiritual regeneration. I believe in study, meditation, and experiences with others rather than traditional dogmas. No endless emailing, must be willing to talk to me by phone [once] and then meet in a public place and decide where to go for privacy [prefere my place but negotiable]. No girlish gay games [learned from the females in your life] --real, honest-sincere, mature[over 18] men ONLY!
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

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