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Mythais77 Male 60 Gay Relationship
i am very very very oral. i love frenching,mutual jo and massage,lots of naked contact,kissing, hugging, cuddling etc,showering together and making love in the shower, mutual rimming, while lying on our sides, as we eat and lick each others ass, cock, balls and inner thighs,sleep together naked wrapped together in each other's arms and legs, so we can wake up kissing and grinding our hot cocks and crotches together till we cum on each other,love to mutually eat, kiss, suck,9lick each other's faces, ears. necks, pits, pecs, cocks, asses, balls, thighs etc, i love to cuddle naked on the couch and kiss and keep each other warm and give each other pleasure, no pain,i like to experiment and explore new ways to give each other pleasure
Arlington Virginia

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