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NaughtyChubBren Male 35 Gay Bear Dad
A little about myself: I currently standing 5'8' and weighing in at 527 lbs. I am a very heavy set 34 year old young man, who is very opened minded and looking to have fun. I am interested in older men who enjoy exploring the mutual fun times that include but are not limited to Kissing, Mutual Sucking, Rimming, Nipple Play, Body Contact and Making Out. I am a versatile individual but lean strongly towards bottom. Not so much the shy type as i am very out going personality, I am one who is very romantic but has a submissive side. Please do not take my submissiveness as being a weakness, it just means i enjoy being with those who have a Dominant personality and love to Top. I have been out of the closet now 18 years and that is one place i will never go back to for anyone. Besides my sexual likes, there are other things like, swimming, general walking and hanging out with friends. In Recent years i have become more of a homebody due to the relationship i have been in down here in Texas. as the wiccan rede says. And Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will
Abilene Texas

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