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I'm a tall, muscular sort of
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Nazgul Male 58 Gay Girth Mirth Dad
I'm a tall, muscular sort of bear with some extra padding. My weight is proportional to my height and frame size, although I seem to be getting a belly as I get older. Fairly hairy all over with full beard. I prefer heavy-set to chubby, masculine, mature (roughly 40-65) bearish types. Body fur is a real plus, however, I'm really a face slut. You might have a dick to your knees, but if I can't look you in the face, I'm certainly not going to sleep with you. Pictures of dicks (we've established you're MALE), butts (everyone has one), bodies without heads and pics taken from 200 yards are a waste of time. If you send this type of picture, don't expect a reply. A good-looking guy always gets my attention, no matter the rest of the package.
Phoenix Arizona

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