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NiceDad Male 79 Gay Smooth Boy
When I first meet an attractive younger man, my first thought is toward sex, but if we don’t end up in bed my thoughts go to conversation about what we have in common. I love a boy who is under fifty and very alive. I love to do things in and out of bed. I am smooth, and like the same, but a little hair is okay. Size is important, not too big, or too small. I love to bottom, but a hot young guy turn me into an animal, and I want to fuck him until he is raw. Long term I would like a relationship, but need some good conversation, and hot sex first. I don’t worry about that anymore. What do I like to do in bed? No Scat or water sports, but leather is okay. I am not too kinky since I like just gravitating towards a boy’s privates and love to see him cum. I also love a boy to play with me from the front to the rear and slip into me as far as he can go, and then explode inside of me. Nothing is more satisfying as seeing a young guy face as he gets off. I love oral, top, bottom, sideways, anyway, we can do it. Outside the bedroom, I am a teacher and writer. I have published two books, and a third is on its way. I like movies, good music of all types, plays, beach time, cruises, love to travel, cook, decorate the home, and read. Physically, I am a little overweight, but keep in good shape. I swim a half a mile a day, and walk five or six miles when I don’t swim. I like to play pool; body surf, snorkel, racquetball, spectator sports (Forty-Niners and SF Giant fan), biking, jogging, and can play golf and tennis, but not very well. Politically, I am a total liberal and hate the asshole in the White House. He stole the election from Gore. I am very political and love to talk politics and discuss world affairs. I teach Social Studies including History, Geography, and Political Science. I also teach English and Computer Applications. Let me know if you are interested.
Ft Lauderdale Florida

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