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I am accustomed to running my own business (now part time), doing the paperwork... I consider myself an alpha male who is extremely fair, kind, thoughtful and a genuinely nice guy who is looking for someone who 'needs' me as much as I need them. I care more about the companionship than the other aspects. But I am affectionate by nature and would welcome the ability to find a son here who enjoys affection and helping around the house, grounds, etc. I am more the 'Dad' type. I don't do hookups. I need to know and care about someone before becoming intimate. I am masculine, kind, compassionate, loving, caring and affectionate. I am also someone who looks for resolve rather than battles. I am very understanding as long as that understanding is a two way street. I have no gay friends anywhere in this state and no one knows about me. Though I am a take charge kind of guy as I am good with money and making smart decisions... I wouldn't mind sharing that with an equal or do that part all myself if it wasn't something you were interested in helping with. I am also wise, unimpressed with how much someone has and do not feel the need to invest in things to impress other people I do not know or do not care about. I am financially and mentally stable. I have a steady income that will not be interrupted by the collapse of the stock market or the interruption of other services such as utilities or the food chain. All of my houses are paid for. Everything I own is paid for. I am a safe bet for someone in this respect. I can adapt to whatever someone I care about enjoys doing. I can have fun doing anything as long as the company is good. I do like being home. I watch too much news and too many movies. My son talked me into buying an 82' television. I didn't think I would like it that big... But I do! I am a safe choice (both mentally and sexually) for someone who is as compassionate and wise about matters. I have no diseases and have not had sex with anyone at all for over 15 years. I am not attracted to gay men who sound or act or sound feminine. I am attracted to men of all races and to many personality types. I like mature men meaning mature by how they act. I was extremely mature when I left home at age 12. But some men over 40, 50 and 60 still are not mature and lack common sense. I am not a snob. I enjoy helping people. I say hello and smile at those people I think worry most about being different. I believe the only time you should look down on someone is when you are reaching down to give them a hand up. You can be simple and down to earth or you can be smart. Makes no matter to me as long as you are loyal, kind, affectionate and care about other people and their feelings. I don't think you can truly know someone unless you live with them. I also know how difficult it is for people who are settled with a mortgage or good career to pick up roots and leave. But that is what I am looking for. Maybe you are worried about not having a job or place to live after this pandemic is over. I would be a good choice for that if we can find common grounds or are both willing to get to know each other without sex being the first thing on your list as it is not the first thing on mine. I want someone who is honest enough about who they are and what they say. It does not matter to me what your past is. It only matters who you are now and have at least a year or two behind any big problems like being in prison or drugs. I do not want to deal with someone who has current problems like drugs or have to worry about someone stealing from me. I'm looking for someone who would be willing to come and live with me after we get to know each other for a few weeks online, by phone or online facetime. You would have to find your own way here with your own money. But after you were here for at least a month and it looked like things were looking good between us, I would give you whatever you paid to get here. Sexually I am not a top or a bottom. I could probably top since I was married and have 7 children. But I prefer cuddling, stroking someone's hair as they lay their had on my lap or chest. I would give that person their own room so we could have a chance to get to know each other more naturally. I am more interested in affection, body contact and companionship... like that of a dad/son type relationship. I also like kissing passionately and oral if that feels right between both of us. If the chemistry wasn't there and we could still be good friends like family (a father and son relationship)... you could still live here and help with rent, utilities and food by working a job you already have, a job you find here or by helping me out around the house or I would even be willing to teach you how to flip houses if you were interested in that. Please don't ask me for money here or cry the blues about something in the hopes of getting money. *ALL PHOTOS ARE WITHIN THE PAST 4 MONTHS. MY PROFILE PIC WAS TAKEN FEB.7th, 2020. ATTENTION: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING!!! Let me be clear to all the scammers which are the majority of the younger guys on here... If you are not willing to take a photo with a name or a word of my choice or hold your hand or finger in a certain position to verify you are the person in the profile photos... move on. I hope this scammer detection tool helps others with the same problem. Never send money for any reason.
Burlington Iowa
Cedar Rapids Iowa

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