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NOT A FULL MEMBER MESSAGE ME. Time for a bit of a change still very much WYSIWYG a north east chub bear getting a little less chub but still a big bear! I do do casual meets BUT that is NOT what I am after I am seeking my Mr Right! But yes fun along the way MAY happen. A few of my random thoughts 'I keep coal mining as there are rare diamonds out there' and I am Gay its what I am not who I am. I have a bit of a complex life living in an all adult family with my bro and step mother for whom i am a carer it does not get in my way. Yes I am still a sucker for cute young chasers but that aint just my thing! There is more to me and life when and if you get to know me. Oh and being a normal gay guy I have my fetishes like Skins Sports Kit Scallies etc and they are just that a fetish not the bee all or end all
Darlington United Kingdom

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