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Perv4myDaD Male 48 Gay One Nighter
After reading all the stories here I kinda wonder if its just fantasy or truth. However, after a very close encounter with my dad I can't help but believe some of them. Around 5-6 yo I had several encounters with my neighbors sons. Even at that age I knew I liked cock so I never told anyone....stories for a later time! After that I was always trying to catch a peek of my dads cock as I got closer to my teens. My dad use to wear old white briefs that would get stretched out. During the summer he would sleep during the day for the night shift. I would sneak in the room when my mom was watching her soaps in hopes his cock would fall out the side. several times I saw his huge uncut cock when it slipped out while sleeping. those times I'd lay on the floor rubbing one out while he was sleeping. As I got older I'd find a reason to be in the bathroom when he got out of the shower as we only had one shower, but two toilets. needles to say it didn't last long. One hot summer night i prompted the birds and bees conversation with my dad late one night. We were both sitting on my bed in our underwear as it was hot and we could not afford to run the air in the summer. This was in rural Mississippi in the middle of the summer. I was not as naive as I let on. i was in complete control of the conversation. Looking back I can't believe how bold I was. Knowing my dad's cock was uncut I steered the conversation to why his was different than mine. He explained how he was uncut and I was cut....acting as if I didn't understand I asked if I could see my surprise he pulled down he waist band to show me. Well I didn't want to miss my chance so i grabbed it to take a better look....he quickly return his package his large uncut cock to his briefs. Needless to say he wasn't into the possibilities....A few weeks later I asked to see it again....He flat out told me my questions .thats when I knew he had enough! Oh well I can at least say i held my dad's cock in my hands.....
Metairie Louisiana

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