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PervDaddy Male 46 Gay Smooth Boy
Open minded raw poz but undetectable perv Daddy for younger. Looking for regular boy to please me both sexually and in other ways. Boys should be eager to please and willing to do as they're told. Daddy's needs come first. A good son should always 🆑Wake Daddy with a suck or be woken by Daddy using the boy. 🆑Have a nice, tight boihole for Daddy to use (there's no such thing as too tight!) 🆑Be eager for Daddy's meat and seed and never waste a drop. Take Daddy's load inside. 🆑Daddy should never need to sexually pleasure himself. That's why Daddies have sons. 🆑Know his place and respect Daddy and Daddy'/ dick at all times. 🆑Worship Daddy's dick as the most important thing in the world. It created you so it should be godlike to a boy. 🆑Be obedient and prepared to do whatever I say whenever and wherever I says It. A boy needs to learn discipline and respect and always best for a boy to learn it from me. 🆑A boy should give himself totally to my dick anytime or anywhere as my needs dictate. 🆑DON'T call me 'Sir.' I am 'Daddy', 'Dad' or occasionally 'Boss' 🆑Be quick to learn & anticipate daddy's needs and put in the practise to learn how best to please daddy. 🆑Be extremely open minded 🆑Know & understand that daddy's pleasure is of primary importance. 🆑Be proud to be Daddy's boy and make Daddy proud 🆑Always ask daddy's Permission and thank Daddy after he's unloaded.
Thornaby United Kingdom

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