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Wanna go for a run? Allons courir donc.
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Pheidippides Male 60 Gay Twink Boy
Athletic and curious runner. Thinker. Dreamer. INFP. Eromenos. I'm attracted to young, smooth athletic guys of my own race. A swimmers build is a bonus. I love distance running, especially 21k and marathon distances. Wilderness canoeing is another of my passions; nothing is better than awakening to a still wilderness lake with the mist still rising ... except maybe awakening in the warm arms of a passionate young man. I have fairly recently come out and am experiencing my 'gay adolescence', so I have a lot to learn (as well as lots to teach). À part la passion et la sexualité, l'amitié m'interesse aussi—et l'intelligence et un bon sens de l'humour sont aussi importants qu'un beau corps et une guele d'ange. Alors, je serais aussi prêt à prendre un bon tasse de thé avec toi chez Tims et parler ensemble jusqu'au matin.
Montreal Quebec

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