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PiscesTekkie Male 56 Gay Relationship
I'm looking for someone that has some personal goals and a life outside of a bar (I enjoy a drink like the next guy, but it is not my life). If you want a dating situation or a relationship, then I must insist that you bring something more to the table than a nice body or the ability to please me in bed. I would hope that you want to travel a bit and see the sites, as that is one of my goals. I enjoy spending one on one time with one special person, and I am using this site as an avenue to find him. I prefer to take on the masculine role in the relationship, as I enjoy working in my garage and tinkering with my cars. Also enjoy woodworking and building things. My ideal match would enjoy more of the domestic or 'stay at home' role and have the more stereotypical 'gay decorating gene' as it either skipped me or took a break to the guy side of the fence. I would be willing to hand over control of the home to that guy and allow him to make our house a home. However, I do realize that in some instances we all need some intimacy while waiting for Mr. Perfect. In that case, if you just want a nice fuck, then say so up front in order to avoid the waste of time qualifying as any of the above and we can go straight to ability to stimulate me into meeting you for sex by sending me the necessary pictures! LOL. If the latter is your intention, then include hot pictures in your initial reply. P.S. Answering Jeopardy is bonus points!
Durango Colorado
Morristown Tennessee

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