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Hungry'PwerBttmbabyboy'needs Nurturing Father 2 Nurse on an service
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PwerBttmbabyboy Male 45 Gay Bear Dad
Honolulu,HI 'PwerBttmbabyboy'! Hungry Poz 'Power Bottom baby boy' n need of a Nurturing Father to nurse on, service, respect and love! I am 34yo, hiv , bottom into pnp and pig play. There, fuck it! I accept and embrace having my hole turned into a sloppy cunt! Normally I would have put versatile, but I'm ready to be happy in life! I have a yearning to be nurtured, caressed, disciplined, appreciated and loved. ISO older male to take the reins and mold me into the boy and eventually man he would like me to be. This would allow me to honor, service, respect, love, obey and show him unconditional loyalty. New to this seen, as have always been on opposite end of spectrum. Deprived of these emotions through relentless torture, humiliation, molestation ect.. as a child. Being handcuffed to the bed before the age 3, learning the true definition of 'bitch' when locked in the dog kennel and thou shall not break glass unless one wants to walk on it; of which left a catatonic child who had no memories of this until the age of 28. I have some sort of longing/yearning to experience the nurturing side of life as a child. I know I'm not literally an infant, but one smack on my ass or breath on my the back of my neck and I automatically assume the position, face down ass up and wagging, to show appreciation for that object about to be inserted into my hole and make me complete. Someone took great pleasure and time conditioning me to react autonomic ally to certain stimuli or commands. I would like someone to reap the benefits from these years of training. makes me wet: pnp, pig sex, bb, ws, ff, armpits, dirty feet, sweaty balls, piss enemas, gang bangs, dirty feet, ripe armpits, smelly socks, dog cum, and taking loads!! Looking to service my master and offer my hole to him as a show of gratitude! sucking, fucking, 1 on 1, group sex, leather, S&M, bondage, role playing, rimming, fuck buddy , kissing, feltching, feltching piss enemas.... two, four legs it's all good.
Honolulu Hawaii

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