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42 yo son goodlooking, fit son wants pervy dads of any age
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Ram Male 48 Gay Muscle Dad
I'm looking for dad, and age is just a number. Dominant dads come in all shapes and sizes and ages, and chances are if the attitude is right, I will find something attractive about the physical self. I prefer muscular, hairy, thick, tall dads who will help me discover my submissive side. I love to please hole, and that can be with my cock, my tongue, my fingers or toys. I love to worship cock, balls, ass and can eat your ass for hours. To me, a little raunch is good, once we've built a report. Raunch to me equals an intimacy and I don't jump into too much too fast with people I don't know. I'm single, chem friendly, HIV negative and will stay that way, and I have a life outside this circle. I'm seeking someone with his shit together who can also be a complete pervert (and know when to keep it in his head vs allow it into real life). Love WS, mild rough, perv, taboo subject matter, and generally getting into a guys head and finding out what makes him tick. I'm selective, be warned, but once I've jumped in you won't find a better, more loyal boy.
Indianapolis Indiana

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