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Looking for younger friends!
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Hi, thank you for reading my profile. I’m not looking for a hookup, I’m looking for more. Yes, hookups are fun, but I would really enjoy finding a friend and see what happens from there. I’m not saying I’m not into sex, very much into sex; I’m just looking for more then sex. I’m a pretty normal guy, happy-go-lucky, professional, and relaxed. I’m not one who is into the “bar” scene, but I do enjoying going out at times, I want to get to know someone and you can’t do that at the “bar.” I really like one-on-one time and then move on from there. I love to cuddle, kiss, hold each other, tender soft touching, though I can be adventurous when the mood hits! I’m mostly a bottom, but not exclusively – I’m open to what’s fun and what we are both into. I am a big communicator around sex, I like to know what you like and what you don’t so we both have an awesome time! I do prefer younger guys, 18-25 seems to be the ideal guys I like, but who knows. I prefer guys who are smooth and cut and mostly white or Latin guys. I’m not a big drinker, no drugs at all, no smoking at all and to me smoking is a total turnoff. I’m looking to find someone special, but, friends or friends with benefits is always an Awesome thing!! I recently told my family I was gay so it’s still something I’m getting use to. I’ve enjoyed going to a couple gay type events with other professional gay men. I find I’m getting more and more comfortable with being gay by going and seeing other professional gays. I’m totally open to any questions you have and would love to chat! Feel free to send me a message!
Fremont California

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