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Sincere DADDY looking for sincere younger (19-36), prefer smooth (flexible)
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RealTravelingDAD Male 60 Gay Smooth Boy
Used to travel a lot, inside and outside the USA, but not traveling nearly as much now that I am retired. I hope to start traveling more again soon, hopefully to a city near you! In my life I hope to meet that ONE boi like no other. I will be able to talk with him and never be bored, tell him anything and never be judged, a best friend, a boyfriend...a true love. 59 yrs old as of May 2019, I officially became an OLD GEEZER when I turned 50 in 2010!! I'm 5'9', (after lots of hard work I have lost as much as 75 pounds at a time over whatever period -I lost 73 pounds the last time I tried, but I've put about 55 of that back on in 2015- :-( salt and pepper brown hair (with LOTS of silver/gray on the sides), brown eyes, saltier and pepper moustache and solid silver/white goatee, hairy, broad shoulders, stocky and VERY solid, a DAD bear for sure, but I shrunk from my old 42' waist! I know that I might have a bit less to love for some of you bear lovers or chasers, but hopefully I'll live longer! I am not perfect, and I am not looking for perfection either. -- I am not looking for casual sex here, or even a purely sexual relationship. I am looking for real, for long term, for love, for commitment. -- True masculine man here, not 'straight ACTING,' not because I am fem or queeny, but because I'm real. There's no need to act when a person is authentic. I'm just authentically masculine, I'm just myself. I'm real and genuine, and I'm looking for a 'younger guy or man or fella or son or boi or sub or blank' (whatever you refer to yourself as) who is the same, or who needs an 'older guy or man or fella or DAD or DOM or mentor or blank' (whoever you envision yourself being with, since I am very open minded and open hearted) to show him what might be and the world of the possible. -- I am not looking for a boi who wants a sugar daddy, because I am not one, and I don't want someone who wants to be with me for what I can buy him. -- I am honest, intelligent, stable, loyal, responsible, ambitious, reliable, funny/humorous, romantic, and I know what I want out of life. -- I've been single for quite a long time, and I would not like to be single if I had a say in the matter. However, while I've been waiting for the 'GODDESS OF GAY COUPLING' to come by my house, I certainly don't lay any claim on being a celibate monk! I'm not a slut either, although I do play orally now and then, if only to keep from going out of my cotton pickin' mind! -- Some of the most wonderful things about 'THE DYNAMIC' between older~younger or DAD~son or DADDY~boi (or whatever you wish to call your inter-generational relationship) are the DIFFERENCES. I hope to find someone who has different interests. I love the old expression 'opposites attract!' I am not interested in dating myself, or even a younger version of me! -- I am definitely a DAD to my core, it is who I am, and being a DAD comes very naturally to me. I also can be dominant, and I am ALWAYS sexually aggressive, and I am also very comfortable being dominant outside of the bedroom, though not required. I know that not all younger guys are into being sub outside of the bedroom, and that is okay, and/or certainly something we can discuss. Just because I am a TOP does not mean that I am not also romantic! I am definitely romantic in many ways, small and large. I like to have sex, but I love to make love! Having sex and making love can take many forms, from gentle to rough, slow to fast, tender to passionate, quiet to very verbal, and vanilla to kinky. Yes, I am always TOP in the bedroom, no, I will never turn over, and YES, I like to be DOM, but not required at all, I am not always verbal, AND I also like vanilla sex A LOT, romantic lovemaking, and I certainly do NOT like kinky sex every day. VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE! For those younger guys who want a DOM DAD, I am very cool with that, inside and outside the bedroom, inside and outside the house, but generally, I'm NOT generally interested in having a 24/7 caged slave (but other aspects of slavery are possible, and worthy of discussion), and I am only interested in having a younger partner who works and/or goes to school, because I want to be engaged in a relationship with an active mind, and not a shut in with a mind slowly turning to mush! Ask me about this if you wish to discuss it, if you want clarification, or if you want to know more. It's all good, and it's all open for conversation! I try very hard not to be a judgmental DAD, and ask the same of you in return, on this and other subjects. -- My preference is for smooth bois, but it is not set in stone. -- I am somewhat open minded about age, but you MUST BE OVER 18, and my preference would be under 38 (next year it will probably be 39 or 40). The age range that I am attracted to gets older as I do. Part of my attraction is to the age DIFFERENCE between the two of us. (Please do not e-mail me if you are under 18 or over 39.) -- What I am not open minded about is smoking and drug use (pot being a notable exception, or the exception which proves the rule). I do not smoke or use illegal drugs, and I do not expect you to either. While I almost never drink, I do not mind if you drink in moderation. -- I have many hobbies and interests. Among them are travel, my two loving and lovable dogs, Nickel and Blu, movies, art and museums, history, architecture, snow skiing, real friends, (used to be work too, but now disabled due to chronic genetic illness) family, my Real Estate, and making them better (in no particular order). You don't have to know about or be interested in all of these things, or even be interested in all of them, but you should know or be interested in learning about some/most of them. I am not beyond learning from you, and if you have interests that I do not know about, I will probably hope to learn about them from you. -- I want lots of life in the boi who is the boi of my life. -- Above all, I want to love you, and be your friend, and for you to love me and be my friend. . -- Do you want to find a DAD who calls you BEAUTIFUL instead of hot, who calls you back when you just hung up on him, who thinks you are perfect even though he knows the worst thing about you, and who will stay awake just to watch you sleep? Have you been waiting for the DAD who kisses your forehead, and not just your lips, who plays with your hair, and who often reminds you of how lucky he is to have you in his life? In your dreams, is he the DAD who holds your hand in front of his friends...and then turns to them and silently mouths 'THAT'S HIM!' ? . . . . . PS. WARNING: If the only pictures that you have are pictures of your penis or your butt, that will be a major turn off. It indicates that either you are a prick or an asshole, and I am not interested in finding out which. I am more interested in the real person! Another REAL NICE person! Also, if your profile has no comments, or less than thirty words in it, do not be surprised if you get no response from me. Make an effort! . . . . . . . . . . . Note - Since I seem to be getting an undue amount of attention from younger men in The Philippines, Russia, and Ghana especially, but Asia and Africa generally, I am sorry to say that messages from The Philippines, Russia, Ghana, and the rest of Asia and Africa (possibly excepting Thailand because I have been there so many times and love it there) will only receive the automatic 'Thank you but I am looking for someone closer' replies. I have no intention to visit these areas in the next three years, I am not interested in 'friendship' with people from those places, and I certainly do not wish to develop an online relationship with people from those places. Good luck to all.
Baltimore Maryland
Fort Lauderdale Florida
Washington District of Columbia
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