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I'm generally attracted to younger men,
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Reflection Male 75 Gay Fuck Buddy
I'm generally attracted to younger men, with a thin to athletic build. Intelligence makes a big difference. Clean shaven is a plus, although I'm growing used to minimal beards. Oddly enough, glasses are a turn-on, especially with metal rims. Occasionally I'll go for a man my age, but only if he is slender, with a good build. I'm in an LTR. We generally play together. Mostly 3-ways, but sometimes one of us is a voyeur. We are Urban Pioneers, and live in Downtown Los Angeles. J. T. and I have been together 29 years. For the last 15, we've been polyamorous, with a variety of boyfriends in our lives. Usually we're both involved, although sometimes the guy is closer to one of us than the other. We've had some successful long distance relationships this way. Favorite reading: Ned Rorem's Diaries Favorite singers: Norah Jones, Nanci Griffith Favorite composers: Bartok, Prokofiev Favorite artist: Rothko Facorite vacations: Sicily, Machu Picchu
Los Angeles California

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