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Russ_C Male 50 Gay Relationship
I am single, I do not do hook-ups, three ways, discreet encounters. I want an LTR (Long Term Relationship) Plain and simple. I want a guy between 18 and 28 who is into the older, chubby bearish types. I am a very loving person, highly empathic and sympathetic. I treat my guy with respect, love and honor. He eventually becomes the center of my world. I am just looking for that one special guy to give my all too. To love and cherish and treat with respect and honor! I love to cuddle, snuggle and be close. I am out, I don't need alot of PDA's, but I will not hide myself or my significant other! I own my property straight out, with a decent mobile home located on the acre of property right outside Savannah, Ga. I am the king of my home, but my partner is my prince and we make decisions together. I don't mind being the major bread winner, but I expect my prince to contribute. I am 40, but am a kid at heart. I love to go to the beach, swim, computers, tech, video gaming, hanging out with friends and family, going out to eat, movies, TV and quiet time at home. Who I am looking for would be white, like I said 18-28. No drugs, I smoke cigarettes so that's fine, but as for you, nothing harder than pot and even that in moderation! I am a TOTAL top, I am cut, I am average size I would say. I prefer a cut dick, a bottom but not a fem. I prefer really skinny guys, swimmers body, thin, you know the type I mean! NO BISEXUALS! Thats has caused me more heartache than I care to disclose here. I believe I have average looks, am fun to be around, love to laugh and have good time. People describe me as a sweetheart with a heart of gold, I would help anyone in need I could. I want to find my forever love. Someone to build a life with and spend the rest of my days with them. I have been in 4 relationships since I was 20. The longest lasting 13 years. And in fact those are the only 4 men I have had sex with. I am HIV NEG. Once in a relationship I am slightly jealous lover. I don't care if you flirt, but not for guys who OVERLY flirt, online or off. It's just RUDE! Not to mention, so called harmless flirting lead to cheating and helped bring down my last relationship after 4 years! If you want to know anything else, just ask.
Savannah Georgia

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