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Looking for a best friend to spend my life loving
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SDGary Male 76 Gay Relationship
Hi and thanks for stopping by and checking out my profile. I'm a clinical psychologist, I live in San Diego, CA and work at a local state men's correctional facility. I am a very positive, assertive man and would like to meet someone to share the rest of my life with who compliments my personality as I would compliment his. While I'm open to men anywhere in the world I am not able to relocate at this time so you would have to come here. I'm very monogamous and I am not at all interested in an open relationship but enjoy playing around until I find 'him'. Family and friends say I have a big heart and in the past did many years of nonprofit work. I'm a member of Metropolitan Community Church here in San Diego and enjoy theater, farmer's markets, movies and reading (usually sci- fi). I used to really enjoy camping and weekend trips but don't enjoy it by myself so have not done any for some time. I like others who have a positive attitude, are honest (a big one here),loyal and able to 'step up' when it is necessary. You need to be able to bring vitality and laughter to the relationship and be someone who loves to share holidays as well as his life with me. You need to be a non- smoker or quiting and while drinking is OK, getting drunk or alcoholism isn't, and drugs just cause problems. While the ages I am attracted to are usually 35 - 55 I have been with, and enjoyed, men both younger and older so have no age range 'written in stone'. As to your physical appearance I really don't have a strong opinion but I'll know if we 'click' when I see you and we chat. Just to let you know I've lost a bit over 100lbs (from 330lbs to currently 225lbs and waist size from 56 to currently 39) and still dropping on my way to 195lbs. I go to the gym 3x a week will continue. If any of this sounds interesting then send me a message and we can go from there. Oh yes, you need to be a bottom to my Top (in bed but able and willing to be by my side and a full partner everywhere else). Gary
San Diego California

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