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Younger Man Wanted for a Long-Term Relationship
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SIRE Male 74 Bisexual Smooth Boy
ThankS for stopping by. Most visitors have a single crucial question. I have developed a “litmus test” to speed up your review of my Profile. The only possible answers are “Yes” and “No”. You take the test from your perspective towards an older man, who might also be a “Daddy” figure. The question is: “Do you expect me to financially cover the costs of your relocation to Arlington, Virginia, United States of America (Arlington) and/or provide some or all of your upkeep (living costs and possible extras) expenses?”. If your answer is “Yes”, then you are in the vast majority of visitors to my Profile. Unfortunately for you, I shall be unable to fulfill your expectations. I wish you the best of luck in your continued search for your older man. Since we are not a match, please skip rest of my Profile. However, if your answer is “No”, then you are in the small minority of visitors to my Profile, who may be willing to assume responsibility for their own relocation costs to Arlington and independently support themselves in upkeep expenses. Please do continue reading my Profile. Who knows? We may make a good match! Welcome to my Profile, SIRE. Having retired from my first career, I am making changes to my life. One of them is to find a younger man to share it with me. Thus, a long-term correspondence is not really desired. Boys seeking a dad should read the whole profile, as I have you covered, too. Many people have recently thought that I look much younger than I am. From the comments, I am guessing that I look, to them, to be about 46 years old. (Plastic surgery was never used to preserve that youthfulness. Just plenty of sleep, no drinking alcohol, no smoking, no drug abuse, little sun exposure, and a relaxed approach to life did the trick.) I am clean-shaven, Caucasian with no tattoos or piercings, disease free, and HIV-. These are things my younger man would be also. My preferences are circumcised (cut) young men with hairless/clean-shaven faces, smooth torsos and limbs, and be one of the following: American Indian, Asian, Caucasian, Latino, Pacific Islander, Persian, or a combination of two or more of them. Among the desirable personality traits are responsibility, frugality, fairness, honesty, humor, warmth, and caring; all of which I share. In terms of the personality traits, I do not expect perfection in getting all that I want, but it would be nice. Since starting a relationship is hard enough, please no pets. Personally, the need of shared interests is not important to me, as each individual can have different interests and still be devoted to one another. However, my interests may be more important to some of you. Here they are: board and card games (especially Bridge, Canasta, and Monopoly), cars (collectibles and new), conversation, dancing (especially Ballroom), education (have a graduate degree), family, friends, house looking, libraries, reading, theater, and travel (done less often than wished). I do not exercise nearly enough and could use a partner to keep me at it. The ones that I would care to do are: bicycling, bowling (either duck pin or ten pin), swimming, walking, and weightlifting. I could use nudging to get back to my writing novels and plays. I have a lot to say but just do not like the act of writing, especially alone. Recently, I began volunteer work in a library, which I plan to eventually transition into a paid, part-time second career. Any exceptions to the desired age range of 18-22 would depend on the candidate himself. The absolute upper end of the age range is at least 20 years younger than me. This is important for the anticipated time span that this relationship would endure. While I personally have no problems with under 18 year olds, my country does have legalities covering the young people short of their 18th birthday. Should any “under 18 year olds” slip through this website's oversight, be sure to inform me upfront and omit any sexual references in our correspondence and relationship until the day after your 18th birthday. My general requirement of coming to live with me would be modified to either not living with me until the day after your 18th birthday or your legal guardianship would be transferred to me at the time of your moving in with me. Even if an under 18 year old lives with me, sex would remain taboo until the day after your 18th birthday. What is mentioned in this paragraph allows for no flexibility on either of our parts. I regret that this paragraph is even necessary, but it has already been proven necessary. My severely cropped picture of myself is due to my aversion to having my image on electronic media for privacy reasons. In compensation for that, I anticipate meeting a potential young man in a local, neutral spot. This allows the potential young man to render his own judgment on my appearance before committing himself. At that time, he may take a face picture of me for himself. I shall not be sending any photographs via e-mail. I apologize, but I am not photogenic. While I am not anywhere near being ugly, my visage cannot be well taken that includes my personality. My life is interesting enough that I do not need to do role playing. The only exception would be the son/lover scene. Due to the age difference, I would likely treat the young man as a son, as a matter of course. I routinely provide each individual basic respect, regardless of age. For those of you who desire dominance, I am still the head of the household and, after taking in your point of view, will decide the final course of action. Please note that I am not looking for children nor pets with my potential lover/companion, although I would not object to having children with the lover/companion. I do not wish to have future pets at all. Based on prior experience with this site, I expect any non-legal resident of the United States of America (USA) to obtain the right to legal residency in the USA. If a biological or legal parent was an American citizen, it is up to the younger man to get his citizenship prior to coming to this country. This will permit easier entry for him. For any questions on these matters, please consult the American Embassy or Consulate nearest him. Employers expect immigrants to obtain a Green Card (Work Visa) and a Social Security Number (gotten after the Green Card). Sponsorship is possible from an employer, but face-to-face interviews are usually required prior to the sponsorship. A travel visa can get you here for that interview. Thank you for taking the time to visit with me at Profile SIRE. If you are reading this - at my prompting via a message to you - and like it, please include your e-mail address in your reply to my message. E-mails are my only means of communication, as I do not use other social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or Skype. My technological skills are relatively limited. I have only two free messages a day with this site, which I have found to be better than most dating sites.
Arlington Virginia

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