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Fun loving, artistic, plush bear seeks son for life travels.
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SchmooBear Male 58 Gay Twink Boy
Not much into active roleplay...very much into loving my boi. I love smooth guys, but I also have a body hair pattern fetish, so hairy is good too. I live in a castle (100 year old residential arts facility that was built as a convent) and am the programming director for the facility and a working artist. I love the outdoors and am a very earthy and down to earth guy. I am very young at heart. I believe you have to hang onto that spark of youth and embrace it or you start to die. Many of my friends are younger because all the friends my age have grown up and gotten boring. Oh, and umm...I am a very sensual person who loves contact, hugging, holding, etc...and I have an extremely high sex if you don't like being hugged and having lotsa sex, I'm prolly not the guy for you.
Toledo Ohio

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