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Silverload Male 76 Gay Smooth Boy
IHealthy, with strong sex drive, student of Sexual Kung Fu, cooks, swims, plays duplicate bridge, paints, and watercolour House Portraits (, photography, enjoys cinema, theatre, ballroom dancing, circumnavigated the globe 6 times as a Ballroom Dance Host on luxury cruises, and taught ballroom dancing later in Montreal. I enjoy meeting new people, and travel. I seek tenderness and authenticity. I see myself as less than my numeric age. Guys of any age, interest me, especially if they're youthful. I'm a big fan of Nootropics. My dream/goal is inventing the future with someone I love.... If I ask someone to SKYPE? it's for those I wish to know. I find it more exciting than texting which I find akward and boring. I invite dudes I hope to really connect to. Some think I am inviting them to have cybersex, that isn't necessarily the case! If you're viewing this, perhaps you think we might have chemistry. If so, Skype me; and we'll take it from there! Looking forward to seeing you on line!

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