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SingleGrandPa Male 74 Bisexual Relationship
I'm a 62 year old, Proud Grand Father of 6 (3 of each) who is a little apprehensive, but tired of being alone. I'm a little shy at first, but warm up, as we both get more comfortable around each other. After I retired, I got tired of traveling by myself so I took on a second career as a computer specialist. One of these days, when I find that special someone, I want to buy a motor home and just travel to all 50 states, ah, lets make that 49 states, the 50th state is a little hard to drive to. I love to dance, whether it's swing dancing, the two step, the double two, a slow dance, heck, I like almost any dance as long as I get to hold the person I'm dancing with (you get better acquainted that way).
Mattoon Illinois

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