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Skipperjdc.2018 Male 65 Gay Relationship
I'm a touchy-feely type of guy. I enjoy spending time with the man in my life but also allow him free time for himself. I'm in a position to go anywhere, so distance is no problem but I prefer you come here and share my life and my home with me. The key to my heart will be the man who wants to be close to me, holding hands, hugging, spending OUR time together doing the things we both like to do, like seeing a good movie, boating, fishing, swimming, or just sitting at home nestled in front of a tv on at night enjoying one another's company. A man with some energy, someone who isn't ashamed of his sexy body and likes to show it off to his dad playfully and likes his dad's mature body. Someone willing to work and contribute his fair share to our well being, not a couch potato. He needs to be a well groomed, thoughtful, caring, a happy with himself young man, that likes to talk as well as listen, who wants a friendship that leads to love, that accepts as well as gives. Someone who is not ashamed to be gay and to be loved for who he is. Someone who loves his dad's more mature body and is not afraid to show it. Someone who is mature but still likes to play. Someone who wants to be loved and wants to love in return.
Jefferson City Missouri

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