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Fun, fun, fun.
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SoccerJock Male 24 Bisexual Fuck Buddy
Hispanic dom, young guy looking for kinky daddies willing to submit and be shown their rightful place beneath a younger, far more powerful guy like me! Kind of babyfaced, gotta admit that much. But I've a pretty filty mouth and a nack for being rough and rude when it comes to actual 'play'. This doesn't mean I will not indulge in some... OTHER things, on the complete opposite of the spectrum. For the right dad, I might play along as the submissive little son they've always wanted. I just like having control, but a big, hard cock trumps my cockiness! I really like nicknames too, kinda dumb but yeah! Jock, boy, pup, stud. I can call you anything you want me to, too! Don't be afraid. I also love soccer and play it a lot. If y'wanna either come watch me play and have me fuck you afterwards (Or fuck my ass once I'm done!) or maybe include some Coach/Jock play into our meetings, just ask me! I can cyber, no phone tho. Start giving Me votes, you old farts!
Los Angeles California

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