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Paternal Partner Searching For Lost Son
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StarGazer Male 66 Gay Relationship
I am a serious-minded, caring, and mature adult with an incredible desire to host in my heart and my life a romantic, committed relationship with a younger man. I am not interested in sexual moments, but rather life moments. I do not cling to the past and live on memories--rather, I build for the future and reach for new horizons. I have a successful and diverse career so I am not willing to relocate; but I am willing to host the right young man in my home and life. The move is up to you, the life is up to both of us. I am intelligent, posess a good sense of humor, and have a passion for romance, books, life, cooking, movies, the mountains, home, travel, theatre, and politics. I am a leader at work, and in life. I don't wait, but move ahead. Physically, I am 5' 10'; 170 lbs; brown hair/bald; hairy chest; trim body; blue eyes; mustache (sometimes a goatee). Disposition--sweet and generous. Behavior--strong and masculine. Committment--always and monogamous. Greatest desire--a good life with a very special young man. Prejudices--mediocre people who think they aren't. Favorite book--Les Miserables. Favorite movie--Cabaret. Favorite dish--steak au poivre. Favorite smell and taste--my very special young man. Favorite question--Where the hell is my very special young man?
COVINA California

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