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Crusher of Studs of Muscle Wants to be Crushed
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Studcrusher Male 38 Gay Muscle Dad
MY PEEVES: 1) I hate - guys with only one faceless profile pic... If you have but one faceless pic available for me to see, or even worse - NO pic; you can bet the dialog between us will be less then short and not so sweet. 2) If it says NO sex in your profile then Y R U bothering me? 3) If it says str8 or bi or 'other' (wtf?) in your profile then take your confused self out of my face.. PROS I Love wrestling, (duh) its like real man muscle sex to me.. I am 6'4' 251lbs 18.25' guns 32' waist 47' chest 27' quads. NOT into fem or guys who r not in shape, size DOES NOT matter as long as u r hot with what u got... You can be 5 foot nothing but as long as you are hard bodied it’s all good. Age and height isn’t an issue, fitness level and muscle is a BIG issue. How many different ways do I have to say it? Don’t be self conscious when I ask you to flex either. I'm a buffed passionate sexually intense, cock sucking, dominating muscle boy of power. A rough and tumble kind of guy that wants to find another muscle dad or bro that can be as rough as I can be with erotic muscle wrestling in bed.. No Pain No Gain!!! Kissing is mandatory, so is showing it off! 'Top' and 'bottom' does not have to mean 'Fucker' and 'Fuckee'. To me it means I am on top and you are the one that got pinned, most of the time... Speaking of fucking – I do not have to fuck a guy to make me cum several times with him. It’s the muscle you got and how you use it that makes me wild. Believe it or not I have never had a mans cock in my ass, not saying it wont happen just saying it hasn’t happened yet. One of my motto is 'What does not kill you will make you stronger..' (ancient Klingon proverb – j/k) But I can be mild as well. After the storms have past so to speak... I like UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships) because it is a form of foreplay and a 'hobby' of mine that I have explored for 8 years now.
Concord California

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