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Spanky - Panky 4 two?
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Switcheroo Male 61 Gay Twink Boy
Essentially I am seeking a younger man to share the rest of my life with. I am comfortably settled in a small country town in Queensland, just west of Brisbane. I like to read and write, with my favourite mainstream genres are Sci-fi, spanking and gay romance. I identify as a middle aged 'man-boi' looking for guys who like to switch roles between dad and son - we take turns play the dad the son or even brothers. I like to be spanked - but not too hard - and I like to give spankings. It's my special little paraphilia/fetish! I'm not a smooth twinky boy, but a twinky boy is my preference for a partner - I am more of a nuggety little footballer. In the bedroom I am more into mutual masturbation and cuddling, than fullon sex. I want a playful partner who wants to be hugged and cuddled. I am happy to exchange messages with younger men from anywhere, in the hope that I may be lucky enough to eventually find 'the one'. Who knows - perhaps you are 'the one'...
Gatton Australia

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