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Looking for a tough 'Dad'
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TheCrippler Male 65 Bisexual Bear Dad
Greetings from the sunny shores of the Niagara River ! I am an older 'boy' looking for a big muscled, tough (in both mind and body) 'Dad Bear'. I still seek and am looking to have the most fun a man can ever have with another man. I enjoy sports, a cold beer, my garden(s) or just hanging out with people who share my philosophies on life....I hate talking about religion and politics. I feel that those beliefs are private and are best brought out at a later time in any friendship. I am not an intellectual, rather just a man with a blue collar background. Drop me a note, you just might like what I have to say ! Everyone has a secret fantasy, I want to share mine with a tough muscled Dad ! By the way, if you're wondering about the name on the profile (theCrippler). I used to be a wrestler and still don't mind a work out session here and there....Like I said, I am looking for the roughest, toughest, strongest Dad I can find. Let's you and me have some real man fun !
Tonawanda New York

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