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ThomasInNYC57 Male 72 Gay Smooth Boy
My name is Thomas and I'm a masculine acting guy. I currently live and work in Manhattan, New York City. I run my own small business. I design and manufacture fake display foods for various companies, very much enjoy the creative aspects of my work. I am 6'2' tall (188 cm), in good shape 180lbs.(80kg), and 56 years old. Also I am a non smoker, non drinker, no drugs. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' as the saying goes.I'm REALLY only looking for a height and weight porportionate YOUNGER(up to 35) guy smooth, slender. Asian or Hispanic is a big plus too!PLEASE DON'T MESSAGE ME IF YOU ARE NOT IN THIS CATAGORY. I AM ONLY INTO YOUNGER GUYS THAT IS JUST MY PREFERENCE. I WOULD LOVE TO BE ABLE TO TRAVEL ANYWHERE TOO BUT I CANNOT. THE REALITY IS THAT UNLESS YOU ARE NEAR NEW YORK CITY OR WILLING TO VISIT AT BEST WE ARE ONLY GOING TO EXCHANGE MAYBE ONE OR TWO EMAILS BEFORE DRIFTING APART. I ALSO HATE HAVING TO BE FORCED TO SEND A REJECT MESSAGE TO ANYONE.IT IS BETTER NOT TO SENT ME ANYTHING IF YOU DO NOT MATCH WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN ABOVE. I HAVE RECEIVED MORE THAN MY SHARE OF 'WE DON'T MATCH' MESSAGES AND KNOW HOW THEY CAN STING AND RUIN YOUR WHOLE DAY!
Manhattan New York

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