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Tilly Male 53 Gay Fuck Buddy
Do not just unlock your pictures for me. 'Hi' is not a conversation starter. Say something. This is San Francisco. I don't care who you are or who your partners are because if you are here you honestly don't give a shit about any of that I just just want to get your fucking rocks off so if you want to get your nut, offer me more than two words.If we're gonna hook up, my place is right off of 9th & Folsom. I like natural smellin men and if you dont or you use deodorant, move on. Sometimes I'm just looking to suck some dick. Sometimes I want more than that. Great kisser I'm versatile, neg and on Prep. Beards, tattoos, and guys with an edge, good manners, wit and creativity are a turn on
San Francisco California

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