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I am looking to make some new friends, just back in the dating stuff, recently lost my partner and would like to find a gentleman gay or gay couple to maintain your home, I am very good cook and baker, love to entertain, gardening, flower arrangement, decorating. lived with my partner for a long time and while in our relationship I worked up until 5 years ago that had to quit and take care of him. He had several heart attacks and spinal surgeries, plus, drinking problems, overweight and diabetes. I am loyal, sincere and a very honest person. Have good references from employers and friends. Worked for major Hotel Companies, Hyatt, Hilton, Lansdowne Resort and Ritz Carlton as an accountant and Credit Manager, also did some part time as a Banquet Server. am a 58 y/o gay hispanic male, white parents from Oviedo, Spain. Just lost my beautiful partner for almost 25 years, started our relationship on August 1989. Haven been working for the last 5 years because of his very bad health, 5 heart attacks, 4 spinals surgeries, overweight, too much drinking, etc... But I know I did the right thing in dedicating my life to him. I am a guffy and funny person, was kept by Don and dedicated to our home, all the chores and entertainment, like having friends and family at our very large home in Great Falls. Having pool parties or jumping in the jacuzzi was one of the best rewards I could ask for..... I am a very loyal, fun, good character and very extroverted, My hobbies are, gardening, cooking and baking, flowers arrangement, swimming, aerobics and weights. I am steel very sad and miss him dearly. At the same time I am battling suits and lawyers because of his daughter, the one that I raised since she was 13 years old. Took care of her 2 kids, one is almost 20 and just had his baby, the younger is 4 y/o but is growing up just like his mother. I have being with my partner for so long that our families used to kid us and said: 'you guys are worst than a married couple of straights!) he took me for incredible travels, best hotels and restaurants and lived in a huge and beautiful home. I want to meet a guy and talk and explore a way to have and grow in a relationship, I am loyal and sincere, very good in the sack and love to please my partner. We never had any kind of fights or needed a time off like most couples, we were dedicated to each other and planning in been together until death makes us apart and that happened. I am not giving up in meeting someone here to share my life with, hope this time I go first because its so hard to loose a person so important and essential in your life, your complement and best friend, lover, spouse and the provider... I loved to do my stuff at home, is a big house and always something to be done. Love to have guests and do folding towels, setting gorgeous tables, folding napkins, cooking, baking, making flower arrangements, etc... Hope there is someone to meet talk and see what happens or sparks if not at least we could still be friends. Prefer somebody with no kids, had the experience and don't need another.. Best Regards
Front Royal Virginia

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