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TxChubDad Male 62 Gay Smooth Boy
hello I love to snuggle cuddle and kiss! Is that too much to ask for? Watching tv, love football season:) 🏈 Not ⚽️ Not much into video games, I've been with guys who I think they would have rather snuggled with their Play Station rather than me lol. Put a deck of Uno cards in front of me though, and it's game on! I'm sorry but body hair, especially chest hair, is a huge turnoff for me. Not a fan of facial hair either. I'm kind of a homebody, like to cook or eat out, shopping on occasion :) I do not cam, don't even ask. I only use Skype to chat. Chatting is cool, but don't ask for my phone number after two or three messages lol. I'm not into being pushed into something or rush into a relationship. Keep your ropes and chains in the closet too, I'm not a kinky person. :) Sexually I like touching caressing kissing sucking sometimes rimming. I'm not a bottom, and have not topped. I know, a gay guy not into anal. weird but that's just me. These are just some random things about me, want to know more? Please ask nicely. Want pics? Please have some to trade, of yourself, not some pics you've lifted off the interwebs. :P Kik: ask nicely
Austin Texas

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