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UpThePunx Male 32 Gay Muscle Dad
I prefer to be out in the country on a farm than in the city going to clubs and bars. I also like country men the most, and hope one day I'll find a nice mature man to live with in the country. Originally from California, but love living in the South, love the hospitality and kindness and warmth from strangers. Maybe one day I'll move back to California and bring some of that with me. Recently started working out and believe in a healthy active lifestyle. Love hiking, horse's, construction, gardening, log cabins, and simply country life. The constant flow of things that need to be done and the great pleasure I can now feel when i have finished everything and can take a break keeps me healthy of the mind. Hopefully soon I will be taken courses in Blacksmith and Carpentry/Woodwork either in Tennessee or Oakland, CA, my dream is to be a furniture maker, not plain furniture, but artsy shit... I am a very very honest person, most would say blunt, and it gets me into some trouble, but usually I only do it with the best of intentions. I am very generous, kind but with a firm hand, loving and caring. Im terrible at lying. I dont personally believe that there is a shred of mean in me, and most of my friends agree with me. I have no biological family anymore, they kicked me out when I was 15. Probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I don't usually like to say this about myself, but I am an optimist, naturally I am, it seems there would be no point in being any other way. Though I am also very very perceptive and quick to see patterns in people (myself included) and scenarios. And I'm usually one of the first people to blurt out exactly how I see things without sugar coating... I dislike negative ,fatalist, defeatist types, (though I have to admit being a little Nihilistic myself, not a Nihilist just slightly Nihilistic, but wouldnt you be if you grew up underneath bush during your teenage years and saw most of queer culture sold out and got dragged to regan's funeral when you were 14) but there are alot of those kind of people in the world so i do what i can to cheer people up and tell em 'sure the worlds shit honey, we all know it, but there aint nothing you can really do about it if you behave like that all the time so lets just keep living our lives, and remember, your only job in life it to be happy' I also dont use alot of obscenities. I am also really turned off by guys who are emotionally reactive over the littlest of things, like no responding right away to a message online they sent me. (the world does not revolve around you, or me) PMA: Positive Mental Attitude Yes I have a thing for in shape, attractive, intelligent, well spoken, sane, healthy, firm daddy's. (especially the ones that want to pin this boy down and f#ck the sh*t out of him, and play rough,but not painful)...(and maybe sometimes wouldnt mind taking a good pounding from my big cock) one of my many life goals : be a hot dad (hot being more than just physical appearance) and I dislike being 22, as most 22 yo are stupid, inexperienced, pretentious, boring, and immature , but i hope you dont have the same prejudice i do towards me.
Nashville Tennessee
Oakland California

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